Welcome to Änglavingars homepage!

 Ann & Änglavingar (Angel Wings) was founded in Sweden in 2012.  Ann & Änglavingar  travels  around the world and educate about the pure Golden Light frequency and Golden Star Energy. Ann work with the 10 dimension light.

Ann & Änglavingar offers courses in Golden Light Reiki, Angel massage,, Angel and mediumship, Animal communication and Angel healing.

Ann also offers Reiki, Reiki Yoga and Angel massage treatments and Meditations evenings and workshops in her Golden Star Healing Center.

Every year she activate distance Reiki from different energy portal around the world and everyone are welcome to join.

Ann loves to teach about the pure Reiki, angels of light and about the Golden divine light. She always work with the Holy Spirit and the angels of light regardless of whether she  doing a treatment or holding a course.

Everyone is born with a Reiki light
within, when you take a course strengthens the Reiki light considerably. Remember that everyone can heal and when you take a course, the teacher always connects you to its energy frequency. The Golden Star Energy frequency is pure unconditional love, light and compassion. The pure unconditional love is the strongest power of the universe. If you have a pure and honest intention to heal yourself, animals, nature and children and souls then Ann & Änglavingar is the right teacher for you my friend!

Anns specialties are the pure Reiki, Angel massage, Reiki Yoga with the Golden Light, Angel healing, Animal Communication, Rainbow Reiki with The Mayan People, Cutting negative cords,  Pranic healing, to cleans and activate the higher chakras system and much more!

Ann says: I really love my spiritual work!
To heal Mother Earth, souls and animals and educate in these subjects conveys me great inspiration and job satisfaction.

The Holy Spirit, all angels of light are very close to my soul. Therefore can I help my client to heal emotions. mental imbalances and the pain of fire.

If you want to learn more about Reiki, Angel massage or mediumship you are welcome to one of Änglavingar's courses.  

If you have any questions or if you want to sign up for a course please send an email to or call or text me on Whats Up:
+505 7778 2227  Moviestar