Änglavingar & Ann Ahlgren

Who is Ann Ahlgren ?

My name is Ann Ahlgren and I was born in Sweden 1972.  I was born as a high-sensitivity child and nobody in my family understood what it meant to be highly sensitive.Today, I am very grateful for these experiences, because I can really understand what it means to be sensitive and to help souls to learn how to handle their sensitivity.

Being able to help other people and animals to feel good and convey them guidance and wisdom gives me inspiration and job satisfaction. One of my mission in life is to spread and awaken the divine knowledge with purity and love. To help you during your ascension. To Heal Mother Earth and to open portals of light around the world. I open the new chakra system for Mother Earth.

Remember never to deny anyone love and light, everyone is worth a second chance  a new chance to walk in light and love.I love my life and I am very grateful for everything that happens in my life.

Angels and the divine light has always been a natural part of me. When people think of mediumship, most people think of pure seances, but mediumship contains so much more as talking to other dimensions, angels and animals. We can all learn to speak with angels and animals. We speak telepathically with them and telepathy is our original language. I love to teach about The Holy Spirit, angels, unicorns and dragons and loving ET from Hollow Earth and the universe. 

I have a basic medicine education, I am certified Grand Reiki master teacher, Grand Angel masseur master teacher, Grand Master Reiki yoga teacher. Grand Angel master teacher. Certified in  Classic Swedish massage, certified angelic medium, certified in dog reflexology. Certified in reflexology of hands and feet on humans.

I am so grateful for the further development that the Holy Spirit and the angels of light have conveyed to me through channeling. They have guided me to different parts of the world to open energy portals and new ways to heal nature and animals. In 2015, the angels and Christ called on me to go to Israel. I booked a trip and when I came to Israel, they conveyed many new angel meditations to me, but they also showed me the Golden Star Energy frequency and I received this activation from the source itself. A strong experience. The source of the light and Hayashi have shown me many new Reiki techniques and handpositions. You can be a Reiki master and still educate you in the Golden Star Energy frequency because it's so pure and contains many brand new techniques.

Golden Star Energy is pure Golden light, pure unconditional love and compassion. This frequency can only be activated by souls driven by purity and honesty. Those who want to be a famous, have power and money can never activate this frequency, they will receive a lower ego frequency when they work with some kind of healing energies .

Golden Star Energy is the energy frequency I am working with and communicates with clients and course participants. We are all one unit and we all can heal with different techniques and through different energy frequencies. Every person is born with a personal energy frequency that can be raised and developed during life. We are now going through a large ascension both privately and globally. Certain days can really feel tough when we meet the different energy waves but it's a completely normal feeling. Remember to always stand in the light of unconditional love. Never let the fear take over. The fear belongs to the ego. When you feel fear, take a deep breath, breathe out and say: I'm now releasing this fear. It's good if you play some music that you like, because where music is, fears can not survive. Bless your heart every day with pure selflove.
When you follow and listen to the voice of the heart, you will always choose the right path in your life. Do not listen to what other people say to you. Listen to what your heart want, because your heart always speaks the truth.


Charity is very close to my heart, and over the years I have donated gifts and my Reiki knowledge to various projects around the world. Änglavingar's project is called Give a helping hand and the money you donate as a gift goes to differents projects like children with cancer, hospitals, school fees or endangered animals around the world. We are all connected to each other and when we help someone, we help ourselves and our unborn grandchildren at the same time!

In 1997, I visited Kenya for the first time and I visited a school that I helped with school supplies, school fees and backpacks. I also donated money to an operation for a little girl. Her mother was poor and a single mom with twins. 
February 2017 it was time to visit Narobi, Kenya again. I had a lecture and I donated all the money to the baby elephants and David Sheldrick Wilde life Trust in Narobi. I also donated money to the Green Belt Movment and to the schoolchildren in the slums of Kibera. There were many meetings that touched my heart strongly.

In March 2017, the angels called me back to Kenya. I visited a hospital in Kakamega and many schools in Kakamega, near the Uganda border. There I donated school supplies, clothes, paid school fees and bought a nebulizer machine to the hospital in Kakamega. 
My third last day I visited the forest and activated Reiki to the monkeys - the blue monkey. When I turned around, I saw three boys standing a little further away and looking at me. I approached and started to talk with them. They were very dirty and had torned clothes on, but they were very nice and friendly. Two of the boys could speak English. It turned out that they were orphanes and homeless! One of the boys was 14 years old but he had lived in the streets and been homeless for 7 years !! The other boys were 14 and 15 years old and they had lived in the streets for 1 and 2 years. They showed me where they were sleeping, they were sleeping on the ground with just a wooden board over their heads! I asked if I could invite them to lunch in the city and they became very happy. Two of the boys ordered two large portions of food. After lunch I bought water and fruit for them. On the way to the car, one of the boys convey his banana to a 2 year old little boy and the other boy convey his banana to a monkey sitting in a tree. The only thing they knew that they had to eat, they convey to someone else! What big hearts these boys has !! I asked them if I could meet them again the next day. I lived 1 hour away, but it did not matter. I knew my heart belonged to these lovely boys! When I got to the park the next day they came running against me and was hugging me! They told me and my driver Jackson that they had been robbed of their shoes during the night. Me and Jacksson took them into town where I bought clothes and shoes for them before we had some lunch.  After lunch I checked them into a hotel where they had both dinner and breakfast, I could not let them sleep on the streets. They became overjoyed! They were sleeping in a real bed and they were watching TV all night. In the evening when I came home, I asked my readers at Änglavingar's FB to help me help these children. They donated money so I received  480€. The next day I told them that we would buy backpacks and school supplies for them, because  my intention was that they would go to school again and that we would find a home for them all the same day! My driver Jackson took us to various childern homes around the big city of narobi. But we were denied. The reason was that the children didn´t had any ID documents. 
I prayed to the angels to help us. I was going to fly home to Sweden in a few hours and I could not leave them on the streets again!! Late in the afternoon, Jacksson received tips about a orphanage called St Paul's Childrens home. We went there and they welcomed the kids! What a relief! I convey all the money 480€ to the orphanage. The next morning I traveled back to Sweden to start a new charity  collection to help the kids into school. I activated distance Reiki and all the money l recived I  conveyed to shool fees to the children. No child should have to live in the streets!

Knowledge is power and it is so important that our children have an opportunity to go to school because it is their ticket out the huge poverty that prevails in the country.

Many drops of water eventually form a beautiful ocean.

I can not save the world myself, but together we can make a big difference! You can help me by donating money to Änglavingar's projects Give a helping hand. Please, be a drop of water in this beautiful sea that we form together with pure love. I'm really grateful for the gift you donate.

If you live outside Sweden, you use these numbers when you donate money
BIC: HANDSESS  IBAN: SE68 6000 0000 0008 1559 4038.
Adress: Ann Ahlgren Kajvägen 3, 861 34  Timrå, Sweden

Do you live in Nicaragua donate to Bac account Cordobas:  363 523 531 Marie Ann Helen  Ahlgren

The most important is never how much we donate. The most important thing is that we donate from the heart. If you donate 1$ , the whole amount goes directly to charity!

I see life as a school where we gather different experiences, both light and heavy. But I usually say: "If a door closes, a new one will open soon." Remember to make every choice with love.
The higher you develop in the energy frequencies, the doors are opened and closed faster.

This life has given me many experiences like burnout, grief, betrayal, Pcos, allergies, divorce and childlessness, but also good friends, long journeys, joy and wonderful pets and the wonderful contact with the Divine light,angels ,ascended masters of different dimensions.

Today, I am very grateful for the experiences life has given me. It has given me greater understanding of other fellow human beings, which makes it easier to understand and feel the problems of others without judging.
If you have experienced a situation, you can easily imagine how the another person are feeling, otherwise you have only read about the experience.

I'm here for you. For me, nothing is too hard to listen to and I have 100% confidentiality in my work.

Thank you for taking part in my website and if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail. I always answer, although it may take a few days. Please feel free to listen on the free meditations from Änglavingar that you can find under the link meditations. I hope to see you at one of Änglavingar's courses. Big hug to you my friend!

Ann & Änglavingar
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Ann Ahlgren Stonehenge
Woodhenge, England
Balance in Glastonbuyr Abbey
12 chakra activation on the Golden Egg, Glastonbury
Give a helping hand, we are all equal.
Ann in El Salvador and activate distance Reiki .
Many diffrent orbs are always with me
With an open heart we can heal and talk with our animals. Änglavingar in Thailand
Ann talk to the Green Belt Movment, Narobi Kenya
Our new home!!Silias, Steven and Collins
Änglavingar donate porridge and clothes to SOS childrens home in Mojmilo Sarajevo
Mojmilo SOS Childrens home
Ann talk to the school children and cnovey school books


Ajdin helps Ann to translate into Bosnian
Ann talk to the shool children i Kakamega
Ann talk to the shool children i Kakamega
Silias, Steve , Ann and Collins. Our first meeting in the forest
We can all give a helping hand!
We need a lot of Milk and we love to take mudd bath every day!
Änglavingar & Give a helping hand Paid Lewis school fees for 3 years and bought orthopedic shoes for him. He loves science!
The street in kibera slum, Narobi Kenya
The street in kibera slum, Narobi Kenya
Ann Ahlgren Änglavingar conveys porridge to the children in Kibera for 3 $ you can help a child with
Ann convey  pencils to 300 shool children
Ann convey pencils to 300 shool children
A class room outside in Kakamega, Kenya
Änglavingar & Give a helping donated 2400 $ to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Do not buy any ivory jewelry. Elephants are important for the entire ecosystem!
Donated 2 sleeping mattresses and clothes to the children in Kibera in Nairobi and 740 $ for food
a cup of Uji for a whole month! For many children, this is the only meal they eat during a whole day.
A lovely soul. Our hearts conected in Vogosca
We are testing shoes
Time to say god night. The animal keeper sleeps next to the baby elephants and gives them milk during the night.
To give a helping hand and showing each other unconditional love is important!
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