Angel and dragon course

Angel and dragon course 3 days

Do you want to learn more about angels and what angels are and how we can work with the angels on a daily basis? Then this is the right course for you my friend! This is a course where you get in touch with your angel light. Everybody can learn to speak with angels and everyone has at least two angels that follow you every day throughout your lifetime on earth. Ann activates your angel chakra together with the Holy Spirit and the divine light.
We also work with our personal dragons and Ann tell us what the dragons can help us with.
We take both angel and dragon oracle cards under the course and we do different angel and dragon meditation.

No previous knowledge required to participate.  Everyone can! We usually finish the course by visiting a house or a place in nature that needs our help to bring earthbound spirits over to the over side and in to the light and love. We also use our dragon to take away low energy.

The course includes:

- Different techniques for angel healing.
- Ann explains what angels are, how you can cooperate with the different archangels and seraphim angels and how angelic energies can be experienced.
- She learn us to feel and hear the diffrent between a fallen angel and an angel of light.
- How to clean houses and nature from earthbound spirits with the help of angels, we will also do this at a distance.
- How to shut down dark energy portals that drain people on their energy .
- Crystal healing with the golden light. 
- Angel medicine
- How we can protect us from low energy.
- What is an orb?
- Learn how to channel angelic messages.
- Learn to paint angel portrait.
- Rainbow Reiki with The Mayan People
- We also do angel meditations every day and draw angel cards, etc.
- Who is your personal dragon and how can you work and heal with the dragons of light.
- Ann activate your heart chakra with the Holy Spirit energy.

A strong healing weekend for body and soul.

Price: 350$ including course booklet, fruit, coffe & tea, certificate
Time 8.30 am - 6.00 pm

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We also talk about what an orb is and how different they can look depending how far in the spiritual development we have come.        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star Healing center