Angel Massage course with Golden Star Energy

Angel Massage course 3 days

Do you like angels of light  and the divine light? Would you like to learn to help souls to heal with massage and convey message from the angels to your clients, friends and family?
Then the Angel massage course is just right for you! No prior knowledge is required only an honest intuition to help souls to feel good.
Ann has developed this Angel Massage through channeling from Mary Magdalene/ The Holy Spirit. The Angel Massage has been developed since 2009 and is one of Ann’s popular treatment. This is a massage that suits everyone, children as adults.
An Angel Massage is a very deep massage without being a muscle massage. It is a balancing and releasing massage combined with angel healing and the healing power of the essential oils. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to achieve healing. All oils have different healing properties and each client receives a personal massage oil channeled by the angel masseur at each treatment. Everyone can learn to do an Angel Massage. No prior knowledge is required but you must have an honest intention to want to work with Mary Magdalene/ The Holy Spirit and to heal and help souls with pure unconditional love.

During an Angel Massage, the client receives messages from the angels of light, their relatives from the other side, guidance about work, family and love life ect.
If you work today with some kind of healing energy work, an Angel Massage can be a further compliment for you but an Angel Massage can also be the first step in your spiritual development.

The first course day Ann will tell us about the different angels of light, how we can increase our angel contact as an angel masseur, to channel angel messages, how to channel the essential oils and how you shall mix the massage oil. We also do some of Ann’s angel mediations.
The two other days we are focus on the massage program and we also talk about how different an Angel massage can feel depending on the different blockage the clients have in their bodies.

Angel Massage shall be performed in a peaceful environment. 
preferably in a home environment or if you have your own small company. 
Not in major shopping malls or big Spa! Where there is stress or where there is power to earn money, the angels of light will not manifest/appear themselves there.

Ann take max 10 course participants during each Angel Massage course. For Ann is it very important that everyone
can ask questions during the course and that they feel both seen and heard by her.

The 3 days course includes:

- You will learn the entire massage program. The half body massage and the full body massage program.
- To channel messages from the angels of light.
- What angels are and how we can work with them.
- Who was Mary Magdalene and who is the Holy Spirit?How can we work with her love and light?
- You will learn about the different essential oils and its effect.
- How to blend a personal massage oil.
- We will do angel meditations every day.
- You will receive and convey a half and full body massage.
- The effect of the food we are eating.
- A Golden Star Energy frequency activation will be conveyed to you.
- Main course booklet.
- Angel Massage Certificate.

Price: 350$ including all oils we work with during the course. A vegan soup for lunch, water, two coffee & tea break, fruit, a course booklet with pictures of the massage program and the Angel Massage Certificate.

Time: 8.30 am - 6.15 pm. Friday - Sunday
Max 10 participants each course.


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You can rent a bunk bed during your visit in the Golden Star healing Center if you want. The Center has 2 bunk beds. 30 dollar each night inc vegan breakfast, towels. You can see the room under the link news. You can use the pool during your visit when you rent a bed.

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