Mediumship course for high sensitive children.

Medial course for young people, 2 days

Does your child see or talk about things you do not see? Would your child to learn and understand more about angels, spirits, learn how to do to handle their high sensitivity. If so, this course could be a key ..
The children of today are more open to energies. Children of today are born with a more advanced mind and may sometimes need tools to handle this. High-frequency children take in 60 times more impressions than others during a day and have their sensitive cords connected all the time. This means that they feel all the moods that are happening at the preschool, the school ect. Whether you're a high-sensitivity child or adult, you know and feel everything, as a high sensitivity child, you know when people lies.

Many do not know that they feel other people's energies and think it's their own feelings they experience. This can be very tuff!
All children do not grow up with spiritual parents, and it can be tough for both parties to understand each other. The Children of today are highly sensitive to energies. Being high sensitivity is a wonderful ability when you have the tools to handle it. Throughout this weekend course, I hope your child will have more tools to work on helping themselves, but also others they meet during their lives.

The course includes

- Understand their own power and sensitivity and learn to handle it.
- Meditations with Virgin Mary & Metatron that empower self-esteem and increase the telepathic ability to talk to animals and angels.
- Rainbow reiki  and distance Rainbow Reiki.
- What spirits and angels are.
- To help a spirit to the light.
- Heal with Reiki positions for highly sensitive people.
- The importance of the diet for highly sensitive children.
 - Grounding.
- The natural contact between animals and children
- To heal with stones.

Price 180 $ Including course booklet and diploma.

Maximum 10 participants.
Time: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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