Reiki & Animal communication with Golden Star Energy

Reiki & Animal Communication 2 days course with Golden Star Energy

Do you love animals and would like to help them? Do you want to work as an animal communicator? Then this is the right course for you! You can participate in this course even if you are allergic, as we work the majority at a distance. The last day in the afternoon we will visit a stable and work with horses with the techniques we have learned. No prior knowledge is required, just an open heart and mind.

All animals have the same feelings as humans. When you attend a course, you will activate the old knowledge of telepathy again. Everyone has the ability to talk with the animals, you just need to discover it and learn the differents techniques. During this course you will under 2 days learn how to treat animals with Reiki and how to talk to them. We can talk to all kind of animals, an ant or an elephant does not matter. The animals love reiki and during the course you will learn how to treat and talk to animals even at a distance.  

The 2 days course includes

- We will do diffrents angel mediation that increases your own energy frequency 
- Talking to animals.
- To the heal animals with reiki.
- How to activate your energy fingers and how we can work with them
- What Reiki Is and how we can work with Reiki.
- Pranic healing
- How to treat animals that are afraid, aggressive, insecure, have a dry nose, dogs who are barking or have some kind of allergies.
- Knowledge of the animal's chakra system
- Exercises to feel the auran.
- How we can work with the angels and the elves.
- An activation of the Golden Star Energy frequency
- An  Angel chakra activation.
- A Reiki & Animal Communication Certificate.
- A main booklet.

Price: 275 $ including lunch and coffebreak
Time: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

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Warm Welcome!


It is so important to increase understanding that we can talk to the animals and that they have the same feelings as us. As this understanding grows, people will start treating the animals with respect. We can learn a lot if we listen to these wonderful souls.

Ludde in the swedish forest
with an open and pure heart you can talk and heal al kind of animals.
Reiki position for skin problems
Ann Ahlgren with the Blue Monkey, Kenya. Pure love!
A Foot injury of a land mine from Burma
The students leave the message from the animals to the owner.
Lek Chaliert and Ann Ahlgren Änglavingar, Thailand
Importent Reiki touch point for the spine.

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