Reiki Yoga Class With The Golden Light

To see with the pure heart
To see with the pure heart

What is Reiki Yoga?
Reiki Yoga contains the pure original energy and the Yoga positions directly from the Holy Spirit herself.
We use very easy but powerful Reiki Yoga positions.
You will receive very deep cleansing from old blockage from this life, all parallel life’s and dimension that your soul has lived and act in.

We do not compare how the position is made with each other during the class. We all focus on our self and be in the present.

Reiki Yoga suits everyone who from the heart wants to achieve healing and inner peace. During and after the class a deep healing occurs.  You can be a beginner or a  practitioner of the other frequencies of yoga and still join this pure Reiki Yoga class.

All movements are made slowly in your own tempo to soft music. Ann guides you through the entire session with her pleasant soft voice.

A strong pure energy flow during the Reiki Yoga class and it continue also after the class. Good to drink a lot of water after the Reiki Yoga class.

We activate the pure Reiki directly from the Holy Spirit to your body, heart and aura.
During the Reiki Yoga class, you will be very connected to the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth.

The Reiki Yoga class starts with an introduction class and this class everyone needs to take before you can continue to next Reiki Yoga class. During the introduction class Ann will tell us about what happen when we do the different Reiki Yoga positions and what kind of position we need to avoid. She explains some of the foot's and body's minor chakras and how they are linked to the 7 main chakra in your body. She also explans why it is so importent for you to open your heart to the Holy Spirit.

During Reiki yoga you heal trauma from parallel life and Trauma from the future.

Ann will first guide you throgh 80 min Reiki Yoga class and 70 min divine knowledge. Ann will talk about different angels, healthy food and healing treatments you can do on yourself and others and she will some weeks guide you throgh diffrent angel mediation ect.

Reiki Yoga Mats are already in the class room so you only need to bring your own bottle of water and clean socks with you.
Some days we will be outside after the Reiki Yoga class and ground us in Mother Earth and in front of different trees in the garden. Bring a jacket for all kind of weather.
Intro Reiki Yoga class 30-dollar for 2.5 - 3 h hour

Reiki Yoga class 80 min Reiki Yoga and 80 min divine knowledge. 30 dollar for 2,5-3 h

Only the Reiki Yoga class 15 dollar 80 min

Max 6 person each class.
Sign up by call or send Ann a whats up messenger or an email. Tell what day you would like to join. 

Whats up: +505 7778 2227 Moviestar

Importent to come 10 - 15 min before we start because the door will close to the course room.

Reiki Yoga class in Glastonbury , UK
Reiki Yoga class in Glastonbury , UK
We open up our soul for free energy
We open up our soul for free energy
We always work with an open sat  kriya
We always work with an open sat kriya
The Reiki Yoga mats are waiting for you!
The Reiki Yoga mats are waiting for you!        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star Healing Center