Rent a bunk bed in the Golden Star Healing Center

Are you going to you participate on one of Ann's courses, workshops or meditation evenings, or have you participated in any of the earlier in Nicaragua or in some other countries? You have then the opportunity to rent one of the bunk beds in the Golden Star Healing Center. The room are filled with healing energies and many souls have received messenger during the nights from the angels of light and the masters of lights.
Remember it is not always the most exclusive room that conveys the purest healing energies...

Take this opportunity to rest in pure healing angel energies!

When you rent a bed in the room you get access to:

Using the swiming pool both during the day and the              evenings. The pool is open between 9 am - 9 pm. Bring your own towel to the pool area.

Access to the blue hammock in the garden.

Free access to reading spiritual books and take different angels cards during your stay at the center.

Mediate in the garden. Free mats to borrow.

Free access to eating mango during the mango season.

Sit and rest in the couches at the reception.

A vegan breakfast is served every morning. During the course days breakfast is served between 6.30 - 7.30 am and the other days it is served between 8.00 am - 9.00 am.

Bed linen, a large and a small towel are included in the price.
(Bring your own towel if you want to use the pool)

You have free fresh water in the room and the room has a large wardrobe with clothes hanger.

You also have your own toilet in the room and a hotwater shower.

The room have 2 bunk beds.

The breakfast includes: almond or coconut milk, cereals, vegan butter and bread, seasonal fruits, water, coffee or tea.

Price: 30 dollar/bed each night.

You can sit down and read books in English, spanish and Swedish in the Center.

You are within walking distance (5 minutes) to the grocery store La Colonia, the Italian restaurant Casa Mia, hairdresser, pharmacy, ice cream store. You can also take a safe evening or morning walk in the area of Colonia Becklin. Here you can also see coffee plants growing in the area.

Do you want to rent one of the two bunk beds?

Contact Ann by emailing
or Whats up +505 7778 2227.

Payment must be received 7 days after we confirmed the booking and it is not refunded.
Price 30 dollar bed and night. Remember to write your name as a messenger when you do the payment.

You can pay by:

BAC dollar acount in Nicaragua: 363 523 465 Marie Ann Helen Ahlgren

BIC:  HANDSESS. IBAN: SE68 6000 0000 0008 1559 4038.
Adress:  Ann Ahlgren Kajvägen 3, 861 34 Timrå, Sweden.

Swedish Swish: 073 80 570 81 Ann Ahlgren
Handelsbanken: 6349 - 815 594 038 Ann Ahlgren

E- mail:

Some picture from one of Änglavingars courses in Glastonbury

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