The rules in the Golden Star Healing Center

Welcome to The Golden Star Healing Center!

When you book a treatment, sign up for a course, Reiki Yoga class, workshop or if you rent a bunk bed it is good to know the rules of the center.

1. We love and respect all animals therefor it is a vegan center, no products by animals can enter into the house. 2 dogs are living at the Golden Star Healing center.

2. You cannot drink alcohol or be intoxicated. No drugs or cigarettes are allowed. 

3. You can not throw garbage in the garden or outside the house. We all put garbage in the trash bin.

4. The center is a place for divine development and therefore we use no watches, cameras or mobiles within the area. We allow our self to enjoy and relax and be in the present.

5. The Golden Star healing center is a center with compassion, love and light. The center do not belong to any religions. The center stands for love. Everyone who wants to open their hearts, learn about the Holy Spirit and the angels of light and Mother Earth and act with love are most welcome.

6. We do not use shoes inside, but you can borrow shoes or bring clean inside shoes when you visit the Golden Star Healing Center.

7. You are welcome to bring pen and a note book if you want to take notes when Ann lectures or if you see something interesting in any books or in the angel oracle cards.

8. We do not judge each other here. It is OK to cry, it is OK to smile and it is OK to just be you.

9. If you rent one of the 2 bunk beds you can use the pool and breakfast are incuding in the price. You can use the pool between 9 am - 9 pm.

10. If you join your friend to a treatment session you are welcome to sit down and read books about angels or take some angel cards while you are waiting but you are not allowed to use your cellphone or wear your watch while you are at the center or take any photos. 

11. We are all equal and at this center we respect everyone that works or visit this center. We might have different work task and different income but we are all equal in the eye of the Holy Spirit house. 
12. If you see garbage feel free to help Mother Earth to pick it up and put it in the reed trash bin outside the house. 

Whats up: +505 7778 2227 Movie Star.



The travels to The Pyramids in Bosnia

Right now Ann & Änglavingar do not make any more trips to the Pyramids in Bosnia but she take you to the pyramid of the Sun during one of her meditation so you can connect with the new chakra portel that now is located at the Pyramid. 
Here you can read about  the pyramids in Bosnia. They will soon find more pyramids in Bosnia with the help of DR. Sam.

Pyramid of the Sun 

The Pyramid of the Sun is the world's largest and oldest pyramid with its 220 meters. It is also here you can find the new crown chakra on earth. The Holy Spirit has now open the new chakra system on earth and when you join Änglavingars Reiki courses or Anns Angel meditation evening you will be prepeard to open the new 3 spinning golden stars in your body also. It is only the Holy Spirit that holds the key to this portal of the new crown chakra. 

As you stand on the top of the pyramid you will have a magnificent view of the city of Visoko! You have the opportunity to stand on a powerful energy portal on the top of the Pyramid. On top of The Sun pyramid there is an energy beam measured at 7,83 kHz, it has a radius of 4.5 meters radiating from the inside of the earth straight to the universe. The pyramid is built of cast concrete blocks, parts of these concrete blocks are excavated. The Sun Pyramid was discovered by DR. Sam Osmanagich in 2005.
Your Yang energies will be restored at the Sun Pyramid.

Pyramid of the Moon 

This pyramid has strong feminine energies and is built in steps made of stones. On this pyramid we strengthen our yin energies.

Pyramid of Love 

On the top of the love pyramid, beautiful fruit trees grow. Here your yin and yang energies balance in the heart in perfect harmony and balance. When our hearts are in balance, we can take in universal love at every level of our lives

The Ravne tunnels

The Ravne tunnels are more than 24000 years old and under the sun pyramid there is a huge network of tunnels. These tunnels were closed  for about 5000 years ago by the 3th civilization that lived on Earth. Now they dig it out again to be activated by the 4th generation that has codes for these pyramids. 

These tunnels have a high levels of negative ions measured. Negative ions are very healing and important to humans.
In the tunnels we always have 13 degrees regardless of the season. In the ravine tunnels we are grounded deeply as they contain the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz. In the Ravne tunnels, many orbs often appear from different dimensions. It is common for you to see the orbs in the camera lens. If you have worked with orbs and opened your higher chakra system, then you may see them with your physical eyes also.


It is nice to take a morning walk outside the Center before you start the course day.
DR. Sam and Ann outside the Ravne tunnels
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