Reiki course in Glastonbury

4 days Reiki course with Golden Star Energy in Glastonbury, UK

Learn Reiki with the Golden Star Energy in Glastonbury, England with Ann & Änglavingar. Reiki  and Reiki Masterwith the Golden Star Energy frequency

During three days we will have the Reiki course in one of Glastonbury's most beautiful course center near the Tor. On the fourth day, the last day we visit all historical sites around the city. We enter strong healing energy portals that opens up for the 5-dimensional frequency in our hearts, so that we can find the key to Avalon! Angels and ascended masters will download wisdom and knowledge to you personally as you need as a light worker directly from the energy portals in Glastonbury.
You get in touch with your personal dragons and unicorns, and Ann tells us how we can cooperate with them.

During the Reiki Master course you will receive all level in 12 chakra activation meditation.

The last day will we work outdoors so good to bring rainwere because the weather can change quickly and good shoes.

Places we visit are: Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, White well, Glastonbury Abbey, St John's Church, Wearyall Hill, St Margaret Chapel and the Cosmic Eggs, etc.

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Max 14 participants

Course pirce for 4 days:
520 $
4444 sv kr

The Reiki course  contains This:

- Angel meditations everyday that raises your energy frequency to the 5 dimensions level
- Tune in and out during a reiki treatment.
- Hand position to treat yourself with reiki.
- How to bless your heart with love.
- How to see with the heart.
- To clean the ears chakra from low energies.
- Clean the body from negative energies and harmful toxins.
- Aura color healing.
- Learn to understand the angels personal answer to you.
- To ground yourself.
-Activate your energyfingers.
- Advance healing, take away low energies/blockings
-Byosen - Scanning a client.
- Cleans your aura with the nativ american people.
- Whay do we get blockings in our body?
- Aura massage.
- How to treat smal areas. 
-  More reiki positions.
- How to inrease the flow of energy.
- Minor chakras that are linked to the 7 main chakras.
- Chakra balance a client with color in the 7 main chakras.
- An inner aura massage.
- An aura purification.
- Pranic healing.
- A course main booklet with pictures and description of different Reiki exercises.
- Reiki Certificate level 1 & 2 in Golden Star Energy
- Main booklet

Reiki course day 4 - 6 with The Golden Star Energy 

The Reiki Master course contains This:

- A chakra balacing special treatment with the hourglass people.  
- Help an earth bounded spirit to the light.
- Rainbow reiki with the mayan people.
- Workplace reiki 
- Workplace reiki with the geometric forms.
-Treat highly sensitive children /people with Reiki.
- Hand positions for cancer
- Angel medicine
- Heal 12 karma with a pink quartz
- Crystal healing with the Golden Star Energy level step 1-3
- St Germain with the Diamond violet flame
- To heal others with the diamond violet flame.
- Angelhealing.
- Reju to your self and others with the Golden Star Energy.
- More different reiki points to treat : increase circulation, inernal organs, Purify the blood, Treating migraines,, the nervous system, infertility, muscel pain, claensing, the lympatic system, touettes syndrom, increase relaxation and balance the metabolism ect
- To open and conect the higher chakra system. Chakra 8 -13
- How to  talk to animals.
- 12 chakra meditation level 2.
- Angel meditations every day which increases your personal energy frequency.
- Reiki Master Cerificate in Golden Star Energy
- Main booklet.

Glastonbury Abbey
St Margreat

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