Travel to the Bosnian pyramids

April 28 - May 5, 2018
September 19 - 26, 2018

Now you have the opportunity to accompany Änglavingar for one week on an exciting trip to the world's largest and oldest pyramids in Bosnia. All pyramids are built on very strong power stations.
We will walk up to the top of the world's oldest and highest pyramid, The pyramid of the Sun. The Pyramid of the Sun is 220 meters high and dated to 29,200 years old,but we also Walk upto the top of the pyramid of the Moon and the pyramid of love where we take in the healing energies from the pyramids and its knowledge. We will visit and enter the Ravne tunnels which have strong healing energies 7.83 Hz, the powerful orgonite chamber, we visit tumulus in Vratnica but also the capital Sarajevo and the yellow fortress. The first day we start with a city walk in the city of Vogosca where we also live during our week in Bosnia.
We do different angel meditations every morning and there is time for individual meditations on these wonderful power stations. Time for own reflections is given on each pyramid.

Our guide Ajdin is a very good local guide and is with us every day, he tells us all about the places we visit. The guide is in English.

When you visit these places, your personal frequency is balanced and you reconnect with your spiritual medial senses, strong healing energies are activated and a DNA activation occurs in your body. We walk up to the pyramids at a comfortable pace so we can so that we at the same time also enjoy the wonderful view of the city of Visoko.

During the trip in April we also visit the beautiful city of Mostar. On our way to Mostar we stop at the big waterfalls in Kravica and the village Blagaj.
This can be booked as an add-on during the trip in September.

Price 1000 $ excluding flights from your country.

The price includes:

Single room or double room with breakfast.
Daily guiding with Ajdin & Ann.
Transport to the various destinations in Bosnia and to the airport
8 angel meditions.
Daily information and feedback about the pyramids we visit and have visited.
City walk in the town of Vogosca and Sarajevo.
All entrances are included.
Hiking up toThe Sun, the Moon and the Love Pyramids.
Tumulus in Vratnica, Ravne Tunnels, Ravne Park with organite chamber, Sarajevo city and Mostar, Kravica waterfall and Blagaj village. An unforgettable trip is promised!

This Does not include: Drink, lunch, dinner (costs about $ 12 ) and flights.
Flights are booked separately to Sarajevo. Norwegian often has the best prices for Sarajevo.
Max 14 participants.
Date of travel 28 April-5 May 2018
Sign up by send a email to:

If you would like to know more, please call +50577782227 or
+4673 80 570 81 Ann Ahlgren Änglavingar or send a email to

More information on practical details and daily programs are sent to you before the trip by email.

Pyramid of the Sun 

The Pyramid of the Sun is the world's largest and oldest pyramid with its 220 meters. As you stand on the top of the pyramid you will have a magnificent view of the city of Visoko! You have the opportunity to stand on a powerful energy portal on the top of the Pyramid. On top of The Sun pyramid there is an energy beam measured at 7,83 kHz, it has a radius of 4.5 meters radiating from the inside of the earth straight to the universe. The pyramid is built of cast concrete blocks, parts of these concrete blocks are excavated. The Sun Pyramid was discovered by DR. Sam Osmanagich in 2005.
At the top of the Pyramid we will do a powerful meditation on this energy beam and you will have some  own time on the top of the pyramid to receive the healing energies, meditation and channeling. Here, your yang enerigier is balanced.

Pyramid of the Moon 

Fullday. We are walking to the top of The Pyramid of the Moon. This pyramid has strong feminine energies and is built in steps made of stones. On this pyramid we strengthen our yin energies.
Ajdin guides us all the way up and tells us all about the surroundings of the pyramid.

Pyramid of Love 

We walk up to the love pyramid, beautiful fruit trees grow at the top of the pyramid. Here your yin and yang energies balance in the heart in perfect harmony and balance. When our hearts are in balance, we can take in universal love at every level of our lives

Tumulus in Vratnica

Is a strong energy portal that prepares us to receive knowledge from the pyramids. In the middle of the top we grund ourself and then receive these strong energies from the energy portal.

The Ravne tunnels

The Ravne tunnels are more than 24000 years old and under the sun pyramid there is a huge network of tunnels. These tunnels were closed  for about 5000 years ago by the 3th civilization that lived on Earth. Now they dig it out again to be activated by the 4th generation that has codes for these pyramids. 

These tunnels have a high levels of negative ions measured. Negative ions are very healing and important to humans. We enter several of these tunnels and also meditate in total darkness.

In the tunnels we always have 13 degrees regardless of the season. In the ravine tunnels we are grounded deeply as they contain the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz. In the Ravne tunnels, many orbs often appear from different dimensions. It is common for you to see the orbs in the camera lens. If you have worked with orbs and opened your higher chakra system, then you may see them with your physical eyes also.

Outside the tunnels, we also visit an organite chamber and Ravne 2 park.

Mostar is a city in the region of Herzegovina in Bosnia. We travel in our mini vans 3 hours south to the beautiful city of Mostar. Mostar became famous for the tough fighting between Croats and Bosnians during the Bosnian war, in which it was called the Battle of Mostar.

The city is today divided between Croats and Bosniaks as populations on either side of the River Neretva. As we walk around the city, we can see and feel the wings after the war and at the same time feel the warm love that exists in this wonderful beautiful city. During the trip we will stop at the big waterfall in Kravica and the village of Blagaj, located on the river Bunas. Bring swimwear and swim in the beautiful waterfall !

SOS Children home in  Mojmilo, Sarajevo
For those who have late departure time from Sarajevo May 5, 2018, there is an opportunity to accompany Änglavingar and visit SOS Children's home in the suburb Mojmilo just outside Sarajevo. Here you can donate clothes and shoes, mobiles, toys, etc. Both summer and winter clothes are appreciated. Here, children live from 6 months up to 18 years and the orphanage needs everything that a family needs. Of course you can donate clothes even if you have an early departure. Ann will convey this to the childrens home.


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