Angel healing & Energy balance special

Angel healing treatment

We start the treatment by conveying the guidance from the angels of light and the Holy Spirit to you, and after that Ann will Convey you the answer on your 5 questions that you asked the Holy Spirit and the angels of light.
There are many different angel healing treatments, sometimes we do it as  a standing treatment and sometimes you are lying down on a massage bench. During the Angel healing treatment, The Holy Spirit will release one or more old karma from you. This means that you can develop yourself in your own spiritual  ladder faster but in a safely and secure way with the angels of light. Pure angel energies will flow into your aura and all of your chakras. During the treatment we also will be working a lot to ground you deep in Mother Earth. Sometime Ann also channel a personal meditation to you during the treatment from the angels of light. We will restore your chakras in perfect harmony and balance during the treatment. Important to drink a lot of water after the treatment and to continue to rest during the evening. Many times Ann will open new minor chakras in your knees and solarplexus. 

Angels heal through sounds, lights and vibrations. Usually, you will experience strong energy vibrations under Anns hands. The Holy Spirit heal your soul in a very deep level when you truly want to change and open your heart to love, light and compassion.

Price: 30 $ 1 hour

Energy balance special treatment

This treatment cleans your chakras very profoundly through this life and in all the parallel lives you've had and it will restore your light together with The Holy Spirit. When our chakras are open and clean, we can easily hear the angels' daily guidance. After the treatment you can continue to balance yourself by grounding yourselft in Mother Earth.

In this treatment Ann open the higher chakra system for you if you are ready.

Price: 30 $ 1 hour

Remember never close a chakra during a meditation or treatment !! We need to open our chakras as much as possible if we will develop in our ascension!

Important that you shall never do an aura transformation!! Those who perform an aura transformation promise you that you will receive strong spiritual gifts and you will be balanced. What's happening is that they are cuting the light. The world need your light because you are a lightworker!!

If you have been auratransformed, I always recommend this treatment because the light can always be restored. In an aura transformation, They cuting the light and the people become more unbalanced after a while and they are asked to only take treatments by those who have been auratransformed and it costs a lot of  money!! The angels of light have shown me how they go in and cut very important connections between your chakras. The light is always restored if you exercise pure yoga or take a Reiki treatment.  That's why they are often advised you to not practicing Reiki Yoga or Reiki because they know that this restore and empower the light!

Being high sensitive is a gift and important to learn how to handle this to make the light stronger on earth.  

Are there any practitioners who says that you shall only work with their kind of energy work and only take treatments from them, then you shall leave immediately!!
There is only one force in the universe but the power has two sides and you can be very medial on both of these sides. There are no shortcuts in the pure spiritual development but there are lots of different techniques and energy frequencies. When I connect you to the Golden light in the Golden Star Energy frequency on a course, you still have to go through your own ascension. There is no quick solution in the light. When an ascension begins, it can take up to 3 lifetimes before we are finished. Never compare yourself with anyone because you will  then block yourself for the energy. Let your inner light shine clearly! Everyone is born with the light within themself and the light can be restored at any time. The light never closes a door!        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star Healing Center