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Angel Massage treatment

What is an Angel Massage?

You can choose to book an Anglamassage for 1 hour or 1.5 hours. Angel Massage is a deep massage that works on 4 levels: spiritually, physically,  mentally and emotionally. Everyone can receive an Angel Massage, young as old.

It is a balancing and releasing massage that is combined with angel healing and essential oils. A soft and comfortable massage that solves tensions, emotions, stress and pain in the body. The movements in the massage work after the body's meridians and acupressure points so that the energy flow of the body is released. Ann always use pure essential oils, which is mixed with a pure rapeseed oil or the oil you best need. Each oil has its special healing effect. The client always receives a channeled oil just as they need and guidance from the angels of light and the Holy Spirit during every treatment.The client can then ask 3 questions if they are wondering about something about their life, future or if they have spiritual thoughts. You can not ask questions about others. After the treatment, the client always receives an angel card that confirms the guidance that the angelsof light and the Holy Spirit conveyed to the client through Ann.

The essential oils have molecules that pass through the skin. They affect the body's own healing, mainly the skin, tissues and muscles. After spreading to different organs, the essential oils are broken down into water-soluble substances that disappear through the urine. This takes between 1-5 days.
In selected places on the body, Ann also activate pure angel healing. This can be experienced as heat, cold, or light energy vibrations under her hands. During an angel massage treatment we help the client to activate their own energy so that the body can go into self-healing.The treatment takes place in a relaxed environment with soft music and light candles. The part of the body that is not massaged is covered by towels.

Before taking an Angel Massage, you shall come newly showered and with no make-up or skin lotion on. The essential oils will enter the skin and activate their healing power easier. The day after the Angel Massage you can shower again. 

Remember to drink a lot of water after a treatment. Water reduces stress, pain and helps the body to be cleansed of toxins released during the massage. Angel Massage is the most effective massage Ann have experienced. During the massage we work together with Mary Magdalene/ The Holy Spirit Archangels Michael of light and Virgin Mary.

A common reaction after taking some kind of healing treatments, usually is that you get more pain (1-3  day, because imbalances come up to the surface so you can work with them and let them), get frozen, get very tired, want to cry, but you can also go straight to well-being and feel comfortable and uplifted!

Price: 40 $ 1 hour 
            60$ 1.5 hour

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