Chakra System and the meening of the aura colors

Everything that lives has an aura around itself, an energy field. The aura vibrates at different speeds and all souls have their own energy vibration frequency. If we change the energy field, then the physical body changes and vice versa. The aura and chakra system work in symbiosis with each other

The auran consists of ki energy and in an aura you can read thoughts, imbalances, a souls life story, parallel life, talent, the future and the past.

You can both see and feel someone's aura. The easiest way to see someone's aura is to let the person you shall read stand  in front of a white background. 
You will then take some deep breaths and calm your mind, look calmly at the person and notice what you start to register.
The energy aura is the easiest aurua to see, it looks like dense air and it is colorless. You may also see different colors. The more times you practice watching an aura the more will appear before you. When you see a color, you shall always register your feelings along with the color. Our feelings always speak the truth. 
A color can means many different things depending on its shade. Each color has a positive and a negative side.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and in the old chakra system souls exchange energy with each other by 5 of our 7 main chakras.  The old chakra system are often symbolized as spinning wheels or cones. But when you have a true contact with the Holy Spirit they change to 3 spinning Golden Stars and you will start to work with the energy from the 10 dimension.  You will then only have 3 chakras activated. These are the root chakra, the heart and the crown. The crown chakra takes in solar energy and the root chakra takes in the earth's energy. Souls need to meet with other souls to feel good. Animals do not share human energy and therefore they also need to meet animals of the same kind to feel good.

 In the old chakra system we all have 7 main chakras and 144 minor chakras that are linked to these seven main chakras. Through our ascension more chakras will be opend and when you have clean out the karma in your 7 chakras, new 3 chakras will be activated. Karma is only in our chakra 1-7. Our main chakra is linked to various glands, sound, flowers, colors and angels, stones and functions. We have under our feet chakras and far above our crown chakra. Most of the souls  have a total of 58 chakras but some have up to 92.
Most souls are working to clean and open their 1-12 chakra. After an ascension, has begun, it can take three lifetimes before you opened these 12 chakras completely. Everything takes place in your personal tempo.

By doing the 12-chakra meditation every day you accelerate this activation. A chakra is composed of different colors that spins around us. A chakra in the old chakra system spinning both clockwise and counterclockwise.  The 3  new Golden Star chakras are only spinning clockwise. It is because it is linked to the free energy from the Holy Spirit.

Your chakra system works in harmony with your aura. If you change the energy in your aura, your chakras also change and it changes your physical body.

You shall never close a chakra during a meditation. We shall open our chakras and purify  as much karma as we can during this lifetime. Open your chakra and ground yourself deep and often in your earth star under your feet. Then we will be in balance again in our body and soul.
The old chakra system can be described as a DNA spiral. Each chakra in the old system consists of a reentrant energy vortex and an outward energy vortex. The inward energy vortex determines how much energy can be distributed to various internal organs. The outward energy vortex determines how much energy should be allocated to the aura and the environment.

The new chakra system we receive golden light from the Holy Spirit herself.

Chakras 1-7 are 3rd dimensional
Chakras 8-15 are 4th dimensional
Chakras 16- 22 are 5th dimensional
Chakras 23 - are from 6 th dimensional

 You can find my  12 chakra meditation  if you click here>>

Here you can read what the different  aura colors can stand for:

a healer, sensitivity, compassion, angelic contact. The stronger turquoise color the person has in the aura, the stronger are the angelic contact

A white aura: Standing for truth and purity, strong angelic qualities, the person has a clean and strong contact with the highest dimensions. They have a clean contact with the Archangel Michael. When you see how there is lightning around a person's angels are around.

Red: Anger, nervousness, anxiety, action is linked to the root chakra.

Deep red: Is a justified person, active, realistic, strong will.

Clear red:
Powerful and passionate, grounded

Light Pink: sensitive, artistic, compassionate, clear hearing and loving.

Dark Pink: dishonest, immature.

Orange: Hara, an extrovert person, social, brave, adventurous, can also stand for abuse of any kind of alcohol, drugs or food.

Orange red: Stands for creativity and confidence

Orange yellow: perfectionist, creativity, intelligence.

Light yellow:
stands for spiritual awareness, optimism and new ideas.

Dark amber: A student / person trying to learn everything at once to make up for lost time. This can creates stress.

Green: Heart chakra, accounts partly for the heart and lungs, growth and balance, strong love for animals and nature, change.

Dark forest green; Jealousy, insecurity, low self-esteem, bitterness, sensitive to criticism.

Calm, collected, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive, communication.

Bright royal blue: Stands for clear vision, very spiritual, and has a deep sensitivity. New opportunities come up in life and the person is on the right path in life.

Indigo: It stands for the third eye, inner vision and has a deep sensitivity.

Violet Purple: The crown chakra. Stands for the transformation of the crown chakra for the better or for the worse with the spiritual contacts. Always belive in your own power, listen to your heart and make all your choices from the heart. When you do this you open up even higher in the chakra system.

Silver: This stands for abundance both spiritually and physically. Light silver can reflect lots of money or an awakening of the cosmic mind.

Dark muddy gray: Residue of fear has accumulated in the body with a potential for health problems.

Gold: Seal energies stands, for enlightenment and divine protection, wisdom, inner knowledge and an intuitive thinker.

Black: Illness or health problems but also that you need to rest. Yin energy.

Rainbow that goes out from the hands, head or any part of the body represents a reikihealer or a star person. Different angels and flowers are also linked to our chakras


Love is everywhere. Love is not hidden, it's there for everyone. Open your heart today and invite the love of your life. Sit or lay down, breathe deep breath, inhale through the nose and let the exhale be a passive movement all the way down the stomach.

Ask Archangel Michael of light to put your ego aside and that he connects your heart with the pure divine truth. Invite the Ascended Masters to open your heart to receive and convey pure unconditional love. Think / feel a strong white healing light that goes down into your crown chakra and further down to your heart chakra. This white healing pure light heals, cleans and opens your heart for every breath you breathe ....

The white healing light now begins to radiate from your heart to the surroundings where you are .... think that this light reaches all you love in their hearts ... to nature, animals, the air, the water, the earth, angels , fairies and ascended masters and universes .... say - I am now ready to receive your pure unconditional love.

For every breath you breathe, you are filled with their pure unconditional love conveyed to you. Feel and receive these healing energies. Then thank you for your cooperation and feel how your body feels.        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star Healing Center