Pranic healing with Golden Light

Pranic healing treatment

During my spiritual journey in this life, the angels of light and the divine source have trained me with different techniques and energy frequencies to heal animals and souls, I am very grateful for that! One of my strong abilities is to cut cords that empty your chakras on energy with Pranic healing with Golden Star Energy. If you have a lot of pain in your body this is a very good treatment to perform.

Pranic healing is a standing treatment. I wil begin to tell you the guidance from the angels of light and The Holy Spirit will convey you true answer of your 5 questions. We will start the treatment and we cut negative energies/cords that empty your energy  and we end the treatment with a pure and strong Reiki activation with the Golden Star Energy.

Common reactions during the treatment are that you can feel how something really flows out of an arm or leg. Clients have described it as a strong cold, vibration that passes through the body, some can also feel when the cords are cut, others feel like it becomes heavy over the chest and then they experience how their heart opens and pain disappears. 

Everyone has a different experience of a treatment. The most important thing is always that healing occurs. Important to know is that if a treatment shall be permanent, you need to change the mind, your feelings and behavior of the main imbalance. Forgive, embrace it  and let it go...

We humans can be described as an onion, consisting of different layers. Throughout our lives we collect different blockages from inelaborate experiences that have taken place in our livesIt's so important to always speak the truth and to always have contact with our feelings. Never push down a true feeling. Everyone has different backpacks that we carry with us from parallel life (everything happens here and now but in different dimensions in the universe) and therefore all clients get different experiences when these cords are cut and it's all ok. The good thing about angels of light is that you do not have to believe in them, they are always there for you my friend!

Price. 30 $ 1 hour

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