Reflexology on dogs

Animals loves all kind of healing and there are many different methods for both souls and animals to achieve healing.  Reflexology works in the same way as acupuncture, but you treat with your fingers instead of needles.The advantage is that you can never hurt anyone with reflexology. Needles can cause damage.

Reflexology is very effective on dogs, but it can provide a deep cleansing such as loose stomach / diarrhea, dark urine and tiredness. However, the dog can also go directly to well-being. If your dog is on cortisone, it should take at least 2 weeks after the cure is completed before a Reflexology treatment begins.

Animals release their blockages faster than us people because they live more in the present.
Horses and dogs usually fart or yawning when blockages releases. 

Before a treatment, take a walk with your dog at least for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Avoid giving food immediately before a treatment (but the dog should not be hungry). After the treatment, give the dog  access to a lot of fresh water and do a short walk with your dog again (15 minutes) and then let the dog rest.

Below, I will show you some points you can work with if your dog has some kind of ear infection problems. if you can Reiki, please activate Reiki to the dog after the treatment.

Remember to always visit the veterinarian to ensure the correct diagnosis.

Treat the ear that is in imbalance every day for 10 days. For prevention, you treat 2 days a week. Always remember to be easy on the hand with light pressure and circular movements.

You can also book a distance Reiki session for your animals with Ann, you will also receive a healing session and you can ask 5 questions that you woundering about your animal. Ann will convey feed back through Whats up. 
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Nr 1 Start to press and massage this point, the side ear problem is on. (Reason-bone)
Nr 2 Massage lightly with circular movements. You can feel crystals if the dog has ears problem. The ear is the symptom.
Nr 3 Press this point on the hind leg immune system) and the next 4 pictures on the front legs.
4 Press and massage on the dog's front legs. More time on the side The dog has a problem with the ear.
Nr 5
Nr 6
Nr 7
Nr 8 Finish by pressing and massaging above the dog's natural pain relief point. Remember to always visit the veterinarian to ensure the correct diagnosis.        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star healing Center