Quantrum Quattro Stone & Spiritual Exercises

When I teach about crystal healing I teach my student that they should not buy stones any more, because Mother Earth has been rubbed on them by souls who then make big money on them. I teach my students how they can talk to Mother Earth and borrow the crystal they need. But sometimes you are drawn to buy a stone and then it has a bigger purpose. Put your ego aside and ask the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth if you shall buy the stone. It can be because you need to dig it down back to Mother Earth or convey it to the river or convey it to a soul that you will meet during a walk. But we need to stop to consume for the purpose of the ego and work with Mother Earth insted.

 How can I ask Mother Earth to borrow a stone?

Stand up and say: Dear Holy Spirit please put my ego aside and connect my pure heart to the Golden light and protect me during the day.
Put your left hand up to the sky and put your right hand infront of you. Close your eyes and say: Dear Holy Spirit and Mother Earth please convey me and borrow me ( say the name of the stone) during the meeting, the healing treatment...for the highest good. 
Then just feel how the Holy Spirt and Mother Earth conveys you the stone in your right hand. After you are done with the stone it is imoprtent to say thank you to the stone and bring it back to the Holy Spirit and Mother Earth. Next timje you need a stone during a treatment or if you want to have a protection around you you can just ask them to borrow you a stone that you need for the highest good. It is free and please welcome to share this with your friends. 
We need to heal Mother Earth and not take more from her.



This stone helps you open the gates of God's direct healing light, a very clean and powerful stone to Wear. It is also called "Millennium Stone" and is a crystal of pure truth and has a deep peaceful protective and loving energy.

The characteristics of the stone are partly:
Reduces long-term stress, A strong spiritual healing stone, it transmits a strong transformation of the body's DNA strings. It affects the new frequencies we are now bringing into the ground, the stone converges all energy into the body in all chakras in the body as outside, the higher chakra system. A strong stone for love, healing, health, and happiness and is a very inspiring stone

The stone was found in Africa in 1996. One of the many features that the stone Quantum Quattro has is: the power to highlight the hidden corruption within the authorities and companies. The captains are aware of it but they have not tampered with it. The light focuses on these problems in the world so they can not continue in the future.
Continuing the introduction of new frequencies, today's knowledge of the harmful substances present in air pollution, food and many other faults is rapidly highlighted in today's society through various social media. At the individual level, it is difficult to hide the transformation that takes place within all of us . All our weaknesses are raised to our consciousness, it is the key to taking care of ourselves and doing the best to stand centered in our increasing self-awareness that everything is well
Negativity is about to leave Mother Earth. Our job is to hold to the light and focus on bringing in the new reality who honors all souls, animals and nature we must protect Mother Earth. This change time needs a powerful stone like Quantum Quattro.
It helps us to leave the old negative forces behind us and bring in the new lighter and higher frequencies, then we can upgrade ourselves and help the entire mother earth's frequency. If you're ready for a quantum leap into the new frequencies then Quantum Quattro is a stone to use for you

Quantum Quattro is a powerful rock consisting of four copper-bearing power rocks and a rock that is the interlinking power source, it provides a natural energy flow, purification and spiritual awakening. These powerful properties make the stone a versatile crystal with many uses.

The forces that are brought together are: Shattuckite, Dioptase, Malachite, Chrysocolla and Smokey Quartz.
The beautiful Blue Shattuckite cleans  the 3rd eye, throat and heart chakra that brings us together with the universe's knowledge and higher dimensions. It helps us see where we need to be healed it helps us to correct ourselves. It is especially powerful in communication, learning and spiritual information.

The green Dioptase is one of the best crystals for releasing emotional karma bands, physical body blockages, the emotional body, personal relationships, and the loose relatives' karma problem. It heals the heart chakra through the healing power of forgiveness. The beautifully green melancholy strengthens the will and general health, it also heals old emotional patterns.

The Malachite conveys the aura protection against negative energies so that they transform into light energies.
The Chrysocolla stone brings together the divine feminine power, it removes negative energies that can be found in any chakra. It cleans and fixes many systems in the body. Chrysocolla is the perfect rock to work with souls working with sounds, speech, writing or learning. These four stones are interconnected through the 5th stone that is Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz bases and brings together the higher energies down to human bodies, creating an energy source that enhances the properties of the other four stones.

The biggest gift Quantum Quattro conveys the wearer is an opportunity to clean and heal in depth and on many levels. It cleans events in this life and in parallel life. It heals the body's emotional wounds and spiritual wounds. When souls start using Quantum Quattro, Mother Earth energy gates are healed. After you have used this stone is super important to bring it back into  some kind of water  like a river or dig it down back to Mother Earth. If you want to heal all these grids, you can dig down Quantum Quattro in the ground at negative power stations. It can also be used for geopathic stress created by electromagnetic radiation, ley lines and underground streams. 

If you do not have a quantum quattro stone physically, you can ask the angels to convey one to you. Say these words loudly or quietly within you: Dear Holy Spirit, I ask you to put my ego aside and connect my heart to the divine truth. Please protect me with the golden divine light. 

Stretch out your left hand and receive the stone.
You may experience a weight in your hand. Then place the stone in a shopping mall, in a bank, government building or where there are negative energies. As you place the stone, you can pray that the stone activates its healing energies to the place. Say then: Let now the light shine with love, light and compassion. Amen.
Together we can change the world with unconditional love.
Please feel free to share this information to your friends

Stones that are good to place close to the heart are  Pink quartz and Rock crystal.

Bless your heart

We live in a time when much karma is now being released in this ascension as we do now on earth. Some days you can feel really heavy in your body, a lot of physical pain and emotional imbalances that come to the surface. The energy vortex can be very powerful!
Then remenber to bless your heart every day!

Lay down and convey pure love to yourself by putting your hands on the heart and saying: I love myself, I love myself unconditionally, I am love, I have pure unconditional love in all my relationships in my life. I love my inner child.


Spirituality and forgiveness

Spirituality means experiencing as much as we can during our time here on earth. Our soul develops through both heavy and light experiences, but it also develops greatly from forgiveness. Everyone can forgive
Would you be willing to forgive yourself or someone else if you knew it would affect your grandchild's life positively, or someone you have not yet met?
Forgiving yourself or another person is very healing for your soul. All forgiveness begins with yourself. By forgive someone who made mistakes does not mean that they "escape" their actions in any way. As we go over to the other side we go through a scanner where we all get to meet ourselves what we have done and not done during our life on earth.
This means that you will release all stored old anger that prevents your development. Keeping old ,unforgiveness anger, fear within you actually affects yourself more negatively than those who hurt you! When we begin to forgive, our karma wheel stops spinning and we open ourselves to higher frequencies of pure love. 
Remember to not judge yourself too hard. The source does not judge anyone, life convey knowledge to us so that we can act differently at the next time. 
We cannot only forgive someting we need also embrace it with pure love and then let it go.

Exercise to forgive

Make a list of all people or organizations that made you upset or angry. Always start with your own name. (The list can also be done mentally or you write down all names on a paper)Say or write the name of the person / company
- I love you
- I forgive you
- I embrace you
- I do not hold any unforgiveness back
- You're free and I'm free
- Then you take the next name and repeat these sentences above. When you have said the last name of the person or organizationthe, you say Amen. Amen empowers all your wishes. 

When old blockages release, it is common for you to start freezing. When you shine strongly in the light of love, you will also meet resistance from jealous souls. Souls who feeling that you vibrate in a higher energy frequency than them. Do not let them put out your light! Continue to be empathetic and loving.They have a free will to change and choose good thoughts, actions and words they pronounce. Certainly it hurts to meet these souls but you do right thing, do not doubt! To stand up for someone / show empathy if someone is bullied or having a hard time is a nice act and you grow in the light. You never know when you meet an angel ... always choose love.

Love and light to you all.

Ann & Änglavingar

Archangel Mikael of light and Raphael of light healing blanket

We have all angels around us. Angels can not intervene in your life unless you ask them for help. You can never ask for to much help. If you feel that you need an activation of healing energy, you can easily request this to our beautiful angels. They are always there for you, you just have to ask them to help you ..

Lay down, breathe with deep slow breaths. Ask Archangel Michael of light to cleans you from the negative energies that you may have drawn on yourself during the day. Inhale and Exhale.. Archangel Michael of light cuts all cords from lower energies that are not pure love. He cleans this with the power of the fire. He now surrounds you with his healing blue purple color blanket. Inhale this color ... breathe through your nose and out through the open mouth ... every cell in your body is surrounded by this bright  blur puple light ...
Now it's time to ask Archangel Raphael of light to come to you quietly in your mind, ask now for the purest and strongest healing green light you need .... Archangel Raphael  of light is now sweeping his green healing blanket around you all .. .beautiful green light rays into all your cells ... Perhaps you can feel a warming feeling in your body or a sense of peace... stay in this light as long as you feel you need it. Thank you then afterwards.

Prayer two Archangel Michael of light 
Dear Archangel Mikael of light . I ask for your pure purple healing light. I ask you to embrace  me with your purple healing light. Let your light purify and heal me in the best possible way. Amen

To cut unhealthy cords.

Say this words for 60 days, 1-3 times  every day and you will notice a big change in your life. It is good to do this the first time when you are in the shower every morning because water cleans and helps you to ground yourself.

Dear Archangel Michael of light , I ask you to cut all unhealthy cords that emptied me on energy from this life, all parallel lives and dimensions. I ask you to put a filter around all of me so only loving words and thoughts go through, everything else immediately returns to the source so they can learn from their own actions. I ask to activate the purest and strongest Reiki for all involved so that we can all reach our highest potential and life purpose. Amen

Chakra sound

Each chakra is connected to a sound vibration. If you have an imbalance in a chakra, you can easily repeat these sound vibration over and over again several times during the day. Do this for at least a week and register what you feel in your body and mind. If you do not really know which chakra that  needs extra balancing, you can ask: which chakra do I need to work with? The first thing that comes up in your mind, thought, feeling or an inner voice is the right answer.

Chakra Sound vibration

Root                    Lam
Hara                    Vam
Solar  Plexus     Ram
Heart                   Yam
Throat                 Ham
3rd Eye                Aum
Crown                  Ffi
Causal                  West
Soul Star              Ovs
Stellar Gateway  Fffo
Never worship anyone!

Important to say that we shall never worship anyone, we are all unity and equal worth. Many people worship celebrities, people watching television and magazines. Keep in mind that just because they appear in a newspaper/TV often does not mean they work with the purest power and the light. I never worship anyone no matter how famous they are or how wealthy they are, I treat everyone equally and I am grateful for that. A poor person can have the most wonderful bright soul, while a famous person may have a darker soul, so remember never judge someone by money, age or their looks.  All souls on earth strive to be free from karma and to become as bright as possible during every incarnation they are on earth.

What happens if I worship someone?

What happens when you worship someone is that you reduce your own power and all your power goes to the person you worship! The person becomes more powerful. Remember to belive in your own power! Believe in yourself my dear friends! The purest and strongest healer or teacher does not have to be the one who is most famous.
Aqua Aura Platina

This stone is also called Opal-aura or Angel aura quartz. It provides with pices to the puzzle by creating understanding of the universal laws. It tells you what you are sending out will always come back to you. It faciliates for you to send light and love and make that you wish for to grow and be attracted to you. It creates aconnection between the physical and the non physical world. It also stimulates self- approval and facilitates the elimination of prejudice both towards you and others. Chakras which are specially linked to this stone's are: root, crown, golden crown, causal, soul star and the stellar gateway. Were this stone and say I am activate bright thoughts to that I wish to have success in. Amen.

Green Aventurine.

Archangel Rafael of light is strongly linked to the Green Aventurine.
The green Aventurine is connected to the heart chakra and  balance the yin and yang energies, strengthen your leadership qualities with love, help you remember and forgive, help you to trust, a stone that conveys happiness and abundance (abundance does not always means money but also health and love) The stone creates connection with the white healing light and love to bring it into your heart. It enhances your creativity and motivates you to try new tracks. It show you that everything is possibleand you can get everything you desire by allof your heart, if you are willing to receive it. It creates joy and increases your possibilites to a life filled with love, adventure, money and success at work other things you really wish for.

Red quartz
It is a very powerful and versatile crystal. It produses a very powerful energy that is a fusion of earth energies and spirutial energies from higher dimensions
It creates balance between  the physical and spirutal levels. The energy brings grounding and protection and empowers your vitaly and creativity. It encourages you to act positively and attracts abundance. It provides with a deeper insight in that which causes your own reaction as well as for those of other`s  and thereby brings a greater understanding. It can also be use to amplify store, focus, transform and transfer energy the clean and heal a situation or a condition. connected to root, hara and crown chakra. 

Blue Kyanite
It is a channeling stone that empower your preception and strengthens your intuition and progress of your pcychic abilities.It opens a connection to your spirutial gudies and facilitates attunement and communication in meditation by assisting you to learn you to attain the altered state. It opens and aligns your chakras and subtle bodies .It disintegrates blockages, anger, and frustation and increases your contact with your emotions and your ability to express them in a prayer. It gives you support in visualization and helps you with dream recall. This stone empower your angel contact and it never needs cleaning because, it neither absorbs  nor holds negative energy.  Connected to all chakras but  mainly the throot and the third eye.

This stone is also called stone of hope. The stone brings hope and love to your heart. The stone helps you to talk from the heart and to put words on your feelings and needs and to convey these to others. It promotes the truth, strengthens your integrity and trust and brings in love to your life. It helps you to see clearly, empower your intuition and stimulates your intellect and your  psychic abilities. It balance your yin&yang energies in your life.

Rose Quartz
This is a stong healing stone that is very important during our ascension. Connected to heart and crown chakra. Help us to open our 3 hearts inour chakra system with pure unconditional love. Were a rose quartz and say: I and everything in my life are embraced by love and harmony.  It has a calming, cleaning and healing energy that brings emotinial relief. It dissolves negativity and recreates your faith in the true life-force- love.
 It opens your heart  and fils it with pure love and strengthens your ability to unconditional love, self love and the ability to love others and to feel loved by others. Rose quartz teaches you to truly forgive both yourself and others wich creates balance and harmony both within yourself and in relationships with others. It make you more receptive to beauty in all forms. It encourages you to give yourself time to enjoy the love and the beauty that surrounds you in your everyday life. It balance your yin&yang energies and provides each chakra with the proper energy frequency to create the best conditions so you and your life shall be filled with harmonic love energy. It can also be used to reinstall harmony in mind and emotions after shocking and chaotic situations or to heal matters of the heart.    


The ametist stone is one of my favorite stones, a strong spiritual healing stone. It balances your intellctual between you and the worlds of other dimensions. It cleans and strengthens your aura. It is a exellent stone for meditation, it helps you both enter the medative state and to maintain it. It opens and enhances your psychic abilities and brings you insights what lead to prosperity and aboundance. It is very good to use to clean negative energies and you can use amathyst cluster to clean your other stones and crystals.  Amethyst is connected to all chakras. If you were a amethyst stone it is good to do a affirmation like whis: I am in contact with divine dimensions. Strong connection to Archangel Mikael of light. Helps you speak the truth and stand up for the truth. Strengthens your throat chakra. It helps you choose the right direction in life. It helps to find and strengthen the contact with your soul mate so that you can progress on the development of your soul. We have many soulmates in our life. A soul mate can be a person you meet for a short while as on a course, during a trip and so on. We are all teachers for each other in some way.

Rock crystal
This is the second stone that is very important in our ascension. It is connected to all chakras. It provides you witha very powerful and pure energy. It has many fields of application because it can store, amplify, focus and transmit, transform and balance energy. It is a link between the pure, bright energy of the universe and all beings on the earth. It opens up for the good and positive in life, at the same time as it helps to dispel negativity, both from your enviroment and from your personal energy field. It can also be used to empowers other crystals. It stimulates your intuition and is a good support during meditation and especialy in helping you to focus, concentrate and control your thoughts,intentions and actions. Depending on the shape of the stone has the stone further properties as the Dolphin crystal, elestial crystal, window crystal, crysal ball, lemurian seed crystal.

Desert Rose
This stone is also called Sand Rose. It produces energy for spiritual care and allows you to experience the love and light of the Universe. It helps you to understand that you are valuable and creates a sense of security and inner peace. It expands your mental powers and helps you to understand your innermost thoughts. It releases your pent up feelings and increases your personal freedom from the requirement of others. Through meditation and visions it can also bring you the access to both parallel and future lives. It helps you to see new possibilities and to find the right answer wich strengthen your ability to make decisions.

The flower of life.
The flower of life is an ancient symbol and can be found in many religions and cultures in the world and one of the oldest holy symbols. The oldest was discovered in Egypt at the Temple of Osiris, which is at least 6000 years old. The symbol is also found in ancient temples in China, Mongolia, Israel, Japan, India and Turkey. Flower of life has deep spiritual meaning. This symbol is as old as the creation itself and Gods withe angels holds its flame. She is the angel what also holds the flame of the Golden Star Energy frequency. She is the Holy Spirit.
You can meditate over this symbol to achieve healing. Sit down and ask The Holy Spirit to put your ego aside and that he connects your heart chakra to the pure divine truth. Think of the symbol and repeat the name Flower of Life quietly in your mind again and again ... now notice the energy that begins to flow through your chakras. Thanks afterwards and drink water.

Flower of Life is known to have powerful healing benefits, helps you overcome fears, helps connect you to your higher self, convey stronger self-awareness and gives you a way of enlightenment. The Flower of Life stands for purity and a flower of god, contains the essence of all your dreams. Do you have a dream you want to be fulfilled, repeat the name of the symbol and pray to the Holy Spirit that the best will happen to fulfill your highest dream. The Holy Spirit knows exactly what your highest dream is.


Protect yourself against spiritual attacks
Spiritual development an ascension means that you opening your heart. Daily thinking, feeling and making conscious choices with pure love. You first begin to clear out the imbalances you have in your main chakra that are in the center of the body. You will work with different karma that have arisen in your parallel lives. Once it's done, you're ready to start working with the higher chakra system, which is sitting above the crown chakra.

The lighter you become in your soul, you can feel how more low-frequency try to attack you and your light.
But you will of course also meet more souls that vibrate in the same frequency as you do! When you talk to a soul that have pure heart and intentions as you have, the light empowers between you but also on earth.

It is very important that you often ground yourself every day. If you are still attacked, it is because the protection is not strong enough. Here I want to convey simple tips on what to do to protect you more during the day
Breathe with deep breath, ask The Holy Spirit to attend and help you to ground you and protect you with the golden light.
Think that cords of golden light begin to grow under your feet down to mother earth all the way down to the earth's heart.
Imagine that a ray of gold light goes down through the universe, down through your crown chakra, down to the middle of the Mother Earth. This gold light now begins to surround you and you becomes stronger for every breath you take. Gold seals and you will keep your energy as you have in your aura.

You can also call upon Jesus three times or Jerusalem three times if you experience any unpleasant or any kind of attacks.

You can also ask the Archangel Michael of light and the Holy Spirit to set up a golden cross in front of you. When low energies come close to you, they feel this bright light from the Holy Spirit. They may feel that they burn themselves of the light and in that way they will stop attacking you.

You may also become weak in your aura if you go against your life purpose. When you work with what you realy love, your aura becomes powerful and strong and your surroundings can both see and feel your pure power .

We will all experience some grief during our lifetime on earth.
Whether we have time to say goodbye or not, we often miss our relativesthe a lot. But keep in mind that they are always with us and they want us to continue our lives and feel good. It's ok to meet a new partner and feel joy again. But keep in mind that it is equally important that we allow ourself to talk about our feelings if we experience a sadness or some kind of greif. A grief can also be that the last child moves away from home, that your neighbor moves, a  betrayal, a divorce or loses a friend through a misunderstanding etc. A sadness or a grief does not always mean that the person has left the earth's life. If someone has a sorrow, it's important to listen to the person who is sad, give a hug and listen to the person. A hug can heal a heart! You do not need to give advise
You just need to listen over and over again to your friend!

Death, we do not need to be afraid of it, when we die we will come home to light and love. We can visit our loved ones on earth every day if we want and we often do!! 
The person who has a sorrow does not have a broken but a broken heart! The best thing you can do with a mourning person is to be a heart without mouth! If you meet a person with a sorrow say: "I've heard what has happened"and then ask: - "How are you?" and then you just listen, listen ... 
How will a sadness be treated?

A grief must be treated with love and care. 98% of those who has some kind of grief want to talk about it, but 95% of the environment does not want to listen !!!!
Today's loneliness is a huge sorrow for many people.

Here is a beautiful poem by Rosamunde Pilcher from her book September.

Death is nothing at all.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you.
Whatever we were to each ohter, that we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my namne be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without affect, without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolutely unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind?
Because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near.
Just around the corner.
All is well.        Instagram: annanglavingar        Facebook: Golden Star Healing Center